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Meet Our Muralists 


Grace Noel is a visual artist, model, actor, and filmmaker.  The composer and musical artist has roots in Elizabeth, NJ and Tulsa, Oklahoma.  She has worked in cities from California to New York, where she currently resides in Brooklyn.  Grace decided to be an artist in the fifth grade, after being inspired by the color and music of The Lion King.  With many skills under her belt, including acting, DP, AC and Music Production, Grace has found her niche in digital illustration and music composition.  She has over 25 years of experience and a list of accomplishments on her shoulders.  


Grace Noel continues to push the boundaries of what defines an artist with her innovative artwork and emotion-spurring sounds. 


Keagan Murphy is an artist, writer, performer, educator and entrepreneur.  Utilizing creative expression for social change and community healing, they are the founder of Conscious Curation, a community arts organization and reparations system dedicated to the creative and financial freedom of local black and indigenous artists and creative entrepreneurs. Murphy collaborates with community and arts organizations across the country.  They are a partner at Coin Theory Media - a production company out of the Bronx dedicated to amplifying authentic creative vision to tell stories that ought to be told.  Keagan also handles the public relations department for a multi-organization nonprofit that serves children in the foster-care-to-prison pipeline. 


Murphy's debut book, The Clear Light of Intention, is to release this Fall.  The book of poetry and art is split into three experiences - the Hurt, the Healing, and the Magic.  The poet explores the dichotomy of darkness and light through the perspectives of our own higher, lower and masqued selves.


Born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, Lexus R. S. Fernandez serves as the co-founder of an award-winning e-commerce company - Soulita.  She is an American motivational speaker, an Artist, and a survivor of a ruptured brain aneurysm. Growing up in a plight, art was always something Fernandez could control and create. The entrepreneur focused her mediums on painting and sculptures while studying visual art at Roger Williams University.  


Lexus R. S. Fernandez is inspired by artists like Jean- Basquiat, Kara Walker, and Kehinde Wiley who unapologetically showcase the black culture and the struggle of the black identity. You can find her murals in middle schools, barbershops, and dance studios all throughout Providence, RI. The artist shares stories through experiences with her gender and her culture. She has  decolonized her mind, and since set herself free to dive deep into finding her true self, creating images that question the "norms" in life and that share the stories that are often silenced.

Dorian "D" Epps


Dorian “D” Epps is an Artist, Experiential Designer, Industrial Designer, and Maker originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Inspired by creators such as Ernie Barnes, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kerby Jean Raymond and Dapper Dan.


Dorian uses screen printing, textiles, apparel, and other unique combinations of 2-D and 3-D making methods to create works and experiences that build community and encourage discussions surrounding race, ability, and culture. His love for Basketball and athletics have inspired him to design and establish a sportswear and streetwear brand, Blacktop Market.


Blacktop Market aims to highlight the influences of black culture on sports, hip hop, fashion, and other core sectors of our culture. His work continues to draw new audiences and provide a platform for local artists to collaborate and create meaningful pieces for their communities.

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Grace Noel


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Keagan Murphy


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Lexus R. S. Fernandez



Dorian "D" Epps

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